Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 14, Son of Godzilla (1967)

A very sparse showing for this film.  The four cards don't even manage to cover all of the relevant kaiju:  Kamacuras is (are?) skipped and comes back in one paste-up for GODZILLA'S REVENGE.  Oh well, I guess that leaves more room for other films, like what's coming up next!


Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 13, King Kong Escapes (1967)

Only four bromide cards for this movie, and nary a Kong in sight (rights issues with Universal, no doubt).  You get 3 Gorosauruses and 1 Sea Snake (fool your friends and try to get them to mis-identify it as Manda).

Kangaroo Kick in 3...2..1..


Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 12, Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (1966)

Or EBIRAH, whichever you prefer, it's all good.  Only 6 bromides for this film, and every one of them features Ebirah in some way...no Giant Condor, sorry to his many fans.  Don't blame the messenger!



Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 11, War of the Gargantuas (1966)

Man, what a film.  If Honda and Tsuburaya were holding back at all, before 1966, they let it all out to make this movie! Ten bromide cards in all:


Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 10, Monster Zero (Invasion of Astro-Monster, 1965)

After the huge number of cards for the last film, there are only 7 for this one, which is kind of disappointing! But, they are still wonderful:

You are correct if you noticed this card was printed upside-down! Well, the text overlays were.  This is exactly how the original card was, and the makers of the set did not try to correct it, and kept it original!


Godzilla Origins Stickers (American Greetings, 2006)

Here's a cool set of stickers from the GODZILLA ORIGINS series (like the famous 2004 Valentines).  You probably recognize the design style. It would be fun sometime to make a list of everything that was included in that theme.


Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 9, Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

The hands-down winner for the "most-covered film" in the Godzilla Color Bromide Set, is Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster, with a whopping 36 cards.  It's clear that the folks putting the set together really loved the film--one of my personal favorites--and also had a great supply of promotional photos.  You will notice that this group also has many pseudo-duplicates; shots that at first look repeated, but really aren't, OR are simply variants, like these first cards:

This first pair are variants, in that the main difference has to do--only--with the text and copyright information.  The makers of this set were nothing if not thorough!

Same with the above pair.

This card looks like it was made from the same photo that is often used to illustrate the original "rainbow" color scheme for Ghidrah (luckily, gold was selected).

This and the next three cards start to run together, when you are quickly flipping through them.  You can see how I originally believed there was duplication in the overall set.

THIS photo should be on a real Motivational poster for TEAMWORK, and should hang in everybody's office.

I have to admit that this card almost fooled me into thinking it was from INVASION OF THE ASTRO MONSTERS (MONSTER ZERO), until I realized: hey, Mothra wasn't there!
This paste-up was also used for an American lobby card, but not in gloriously-painted color.

This action shot has a cool smear effect.

"Green sky in morning / Japan, take warning"

This and the card above it are close, but not identical.

The advent of Ghidrah (with some people who weren't there).