Edison Cylinder #8249 : U.S. Army Lancers, 3rd Figure (c.1907)

These actually aren't completely uncommon; they are around, but this is the first one I ever remember running into.  I wanted to find one for both historical and collectible reasons.  It's cool to hold in your hand and think about how far the technology has come since Edison (tirades about modern music are on hold today).

In the background, one of the new Parry Hotter Lego sets my wife was working on...sorry!
What is even better, there is a website archiving these cylinders, The UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive, in case you run across one and want to actually hear it! You can hear all 1:27 of this one here.


The Things That I See (continued)

We haven't done one of these in a while, and these begin to pile up, so here we go.  Lots of Ebay sights today, but we start with one that was in-person:

We have seen this before, but apparently, in some foreign countries, you can add (or remove) facial hair, and create your very own original mascot. If you think Backwards Terrorist Luigi is interesting, check out our post from earlier this year to see his also-unrecognizable brother....

File this under "one typo can screw it all up":
Although, I have to admit, I would see GODZILLA vs. MEGATRON. Godzilla would win, of course.

These shoes are definitely "Irregular Choice." But then again, I went back to check, and they ended for $177.50, so perhaps instead of laughing, I should be gluing some Godzilla bootlegs to some of my wife's shoes!

Next, let's turn our attention to--

Gaaah! No! Just, no.

The best is for last, though:

Say what, now? I think we have a translation problem involved, here.