Godzilla Window Cards (1963-64)

One of my latest acquisitions is a pair of cool Godzilla window cards.  Window cards are different from movie posters or lobby cards because, well, as the name implies, they were designed to be posted on the glass of the theater or ticket window.  There is usually a blank space at the top for the theater to print showtimes (often you will see these handwritten), but I lucked out here, in that these are unused.  
After scoring a movie poster for GODZILLA vs. THE THING (1964), I was after something that showed the "other" artwork associated with the film; specifically, the amazingly brave marketing campaign that obscured the identity of Mothra (strangely, from a modern perspective, all I can think about when I see those writhing tentacles is Biollante).
The first thing I noticed about these was that they are a bit bigger than lobby cards, and are printed on heavier cardboard. One thing that makes the KING KONG vs. GODZILLA (1963) one very different is that the artwork (from the movie poster) is flipped, and Kong is on the right. Both cards are printed by the Benton company, as it says in the fine print.
All in all, a very nice addition, and would be extremely cool framed...if I could find an inch of empty wallspace these days!

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