Kaijubilee #21, "DAM: The Eleven Titans"

Let's wrap this thing up! There were supposed to be twenty of these pictures, but at the end I realized I hadn't addressed my biggest goal: a group shot from my favorite film.  It's my favorite, and it makes a good desktop wallpaper, too.

While we are on the subject of wrapping things up, I made front and back covers to go with the pictures, and used an online book-making website to make a hardcover photo book that included all of them:

front cover

back cover
If you want, you can download the entire set together, in full size and with covers, at the following link:

I hope you've enjoyed my kaiju-themed distractions! And now, back to our regular programming...

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Kaijubilee #20, "Godzilla In Wonderland"

We are nearing the end here.  This is another idea that struck me as working so perfectly, I can't believe it hasn't been done before...surely it has.  Anyway, enjoy!

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Iron Patriot Arrives

How amazing is LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES? Extremely.  I'm four or five missions in, and this is shaping up to be the greatest Lego game yet.

Included with my game was the Iron Patriot minifigure, so the last space in my Hall of Armor is finally complete!


GODZILLA 2000 "behind the scenes" photos (from Theatre Program)

As I said recently, in talking about the GODZILLA: MILLENNIUM (GODZILLA 2000) Theatre Program I got in the mail, there were lots of neat photos, but precious little real "behind the scenes" stuff.  However, here are two items from the book that I haven't seen anywhere else (yet), so I thought I should share them:

Godzilla 2000 - concept art

The Big G prepares for filming!


Engrish With Ultraman Jack (part two)

Here is another round of re-translated madness, this time from the second disc of the Malaysian RETURN OF ULTRAMAN set, which I am enjoying immensely.  As always, context is everything, but let's just dive in:
Somehow, Goh is being told that it's a day off.  This is from the conversation we visited a little while ago, about going to the movies.
How awesome is that MAT laser gun? Well...
Goh meets a boxer while jogging, and does one of his super-flips right in front of him.  Way to protect your secret identity.
This is much funnier without the context, but the boxer tells Goh he is in love with a girl he has seen at the bus stop.  In other words, he has a "crash" on her.
I'm afraid I can offer no context here.
Uh, all I can tell you here is that they are surveying monster damage. So there you go. Probably shouldn't think about it too much.
Yes, it's a canyon full of bones.  Of course it has some deads.
And for our finale this time, a wonderfully ironic comment:
Oh, really? Oh RE-HE-HE-HE-EALLY???



A marvelous still from a marvelous film!


Recent Godzilla Items!

Let's catch up on some recent acquisitions!
I had no idea, but the Ben Cooper company also made what they called "jigglers," which were soft rubber monsters on elastic strings 4 or 5 inches high...my theory is that they had already made these when they acquired the Godzilla license (see costume), and just slapped a GODZILLA tag on this one, which as you can see, doesn't favor the Big G too terribly well.
Oh, and was I too lazy to take my own photos, opting instead to just swipe the auction pictures? Of course I was!

Secondly, this is the theatre program book for GODZILLA MILLENNIUM, or "2000" as we call it here.  It's nice, large, and glossy, but didn't contain the tons of behind-the-scenes photos I was hoping for.
Back Cover of Program
Next we have this lovely item, the autograph of Harou Nakajima, THE MAN who was in the Godzilla suit from 1954 until the early 70's, which now hangs on the Wall of Autographs at the Sphinx.
And finally, we have this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, featuring a terrific promotional shot for DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.  As C-3PO would say, "I've forgot how much I hated jigsaw puzzles," because this was not very fun to assemble, mostly because it contained the dark mess of every shade of brown and tan imaginable...and the small-sized pieces.
But, after like 3 hours, we got it done (thanks Julia). 

More goodness coming soon, including another Engrish lesson from Ultraman Jack. Stay tuned!


"A Message From John Deere"

This is a re-edit of an old John Deere promotional sales record that was first shared on the WFMU blog years ago....I have been meaning to give it "the treatment" for some time now, and finally got around to it.  I think it's much more interesting now.  Nothing new was added; only the original recording was used (as you will see, there was no need).  Enjoy.

Kaijubilee #19, "Git Along, Little Larva"

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Kaijubilee #19, "Git Along, Little Larva" by Sampoerna Quatrain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Godzilla Menko Cards! (part two)

I have a lot of stuff to share, but if I don't "stay on target" I will forget to post the other half of these cool cards! We better do that right now:

Jet Jaguar! Cue the song playing in your head, right now!

It's interesting how these cards reverse the picture on the front--it's as if you are looking straight through the card.
Kamoebas, the accordion-necked giant turtle of YOG.
King Caesar, who also has a wonderful (and beautiful) theme song!
Flying lion from LATITUDE ZERO.
Some sweet promotional artwork of Mechagodzilla!
The under-rated Megalon!
Minya and the bully kaiju, Gabara.
Minya and daddy--this is actually from DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, since it's not the awful SON OF GODZILLA suit for the Big G.
A classic--Mothra larva preparing to build a cocoon on Tokyo Tower.
And that's that.  I'm kind of curious about the weather symbols on the backs of these cards.  If anyone can shed any light on what game you would play using those, please chime in!