Sesame Street in 1970!

I found a stack of really pristine, hardcover Sesame Street books from 1970, when the show would have been turning 1 year old.  They have that great nostalgiac feeling of its early days, when there was a cruder, yet more exciting, feel to the show.  The Muppets had an enticing air of primitivism.  That surrealistic feeling of wonder always reminds me of my own childhood, and seeing these early segments still in rotation a few years later:
When there was Mr. Hooper.
And, Oscar was orangey-brown in the first season!
When Bert and Ernie were amazing.
When Cookie Monster was a Monster that ate Cookies (and sometimes lots of other things!)
And then there is this great moment that I found in the books:


THE CANTINA COMPENDIUM (4th edition [vs. 4.1], 2020)

Brand-new Fourth (and final?) Edition: now 4.1
The Definitive...and only...Work on the Star Wars Cantina!

It took me being down for several months (no, not because of the virus) to get it done, but I dedicated the time to adding, re-arranging, and judiciously editing the book described below.  And, as it turns out, the 4th edition is the charm.  It's finally the scholarly work that I wanted it to be.  (Note: version 4.1 is amended to include coverage of LEGO's amazing #75290.) Details and download link below! Description follows:

This book collects and collates all information from 40+ years about the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Sourced from everywhere, including books,magazines, documentaries, comics, websites, you name it.   All the way from Lucas' first ideas of a spaceport cantina, to what I have called "The Maclunkey Debacle" discovered last year.

So, why read a 300 page book about one scene of the original film? Not a bad question, and this is coming from somebody who rarely reads anything that's not comics....and certainly not anything without pictures (a double-major in English and History did that to me).  Well, if I said that it had more than 700 illustrations and photos, would that help?

Here are the included chapters:
1) The Evolution of the Cantina
2) The (two groups of ) Artists Who Made the Masks
3) Mapping the Cantina
4) Filming the Cantina (Twice)
5-6) Chapters 5 and 6 offer an encyclopedic look at each Cantina customer!
7) Cantina Conspiracy 
Was the Cantina purposefully left out of Star Wars marketing, and why?
8) A History of Cantina Toys and Playsets
9) The Star Wars Holiday Special  
Can it get any worse? Oh yes, yes it can...bios on all characters are also included!

10) Cantina Appearances In Other Media
Including TV, Comics, and much more
11) Detailed Bibliography and Required Reading

I hope to make this book available on other sites (after all, I get absolutely nothing from it), but it's fitting that it is offered here first.  I hope it is enjoyed!

LINK (4th Edition, vs. 4.1): the cantina compendium (4th edition, 2020)


FAIL of the Day: "SUPERHEROES" by BlockTech

I don't know why I find so many hilarious things in the "cheap section" at the front of Target stores, but I do.  This is funny on so many levels.  I almost spent the three bucks for it, but in the end I lost interest.  
The funniest part of this are the names:  Revenge, Smasher, Falconman, Metal Man, and Lightning Bolt (of course, some of these are actual comic character names, but we won't go into that).  I've mentioned what I call "Grandmother Toys" before, because these are the sorts of items that are made to fool elderly people who need a child's gift, but don't pay any attention.

In the end, though, you have to wonder if there's anyone else this company wants to irritate, since they will be angering both Lego and Disney/Marvel...which between them own most of the world.  Why don't we just make fun of the dictator of North Korea or something, and go for a trifecta? Maybe include some "Bill Cosby is Innocent" stickers? It was nice briefly knowing you, "Block Tech!"

NOTE:  Now you can see a full review of this set......be warned! It's not pretty!