Godzilla (Hanna-Barbera) Model Sheets! (1978)

My first exposure to Godzilla, like many American children of the 1970's, was this animated series.  Even though it was strangely out-of-sync with all that I came to know about Godzilla, and more akin to Jonny Quest in style, my epiphany went something like this:  I was five years old; I woke up one Saturday morning, went downstairs to the typical 1970's behemoth, wood-paneled color television, and positioned myself in front of it, only to find (after it warmed up) the "Calico Clones" episode....yes, this was Godzilla, I knew about him! I used to go to a friend's house around that time and we would battle giant Shogun Warriors! This was the same Godzilla! It was one of those moments that you remember forever, and I still love this series.  Yes, it exists in its own unique universe and style, but I have made it a point to begin my own Children's indoctrination with it, and they have all loved it.

EDIT: By the way, Sony/Classic Media...will you PLEASE release the second season of this series on DVD? You've half-done the job, and now all of those are out of print.  Ok, if you did a boxed set of the whole show, I would re-buy it...but don't tell anybody!

LINK: Model Sheets


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool stuff. Yayyyyy and thanks!

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This is a great find!

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Just curious if you have a set of Godzilla model sheets pr know of any online.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

You mean from this series?

Anonymous said...

Hey friend!!!
Could you post again the model sheets from this series?
Thank you!