GODZILLA HEADS Bubble Gum (Amurol, 1988)

Coming in a pouch the same size as Big League Chew, the oddly named GODZILLA HEADS was made by Amurol, a subsidiary of Wrigley, in 1988.  As the label says, it contains "Fruit Punch Head Shaped Bubble Gum" which is pretty bizarre on its own...although mine feels like a bag of rocks, as you can imagine.  I'm curious to see how detailed the head shape was, but I'm not about to open it.  This product was changed to GODZILLA SHREDS, making it even MORE like Big League Chew, with the same packaging.
On a side note, the same company made KING KONG SHREDS, but so far I haven't run into any "KING KONG HEADS" out there, but anything's possible.  Toho IS credited on the label, so I guess they must've licensed Kong too.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I think at present King Kong is still with Universal, though it wouldn't surprise me if Toho got a sub-license for that along the way.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I just read about this the other day...and I'm trying to remember what I read. I think Toho can sell KK vs G and KK Escapes on DVD, but only in Japan. Otherwise I think in America it's been Universal all along...I'd have to get a hold of some of that King Kong gum and see what the fine print says!