Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzles (Kenner, 1977)

Here are some selected Star Wars jigsaw puzzles from my collection.  These are all the ones that my daughter and I have worked so far, to verify they are complete!
Most people know that the only SW items that Kenner could get together quickly were paper products, because nobody was prepared for the huge success of the film.  These "blue box" versions were the very first editions of the puzzles (purple for the 500-piece puzzles).
When the boxes changed, each puzzle belonged to a series.  This is "Han and Chewbacca" from Series I.
Series I, "Artoo-Deeto & See-Threepio"
Series II, "Trapped in the Trash Compactor!"
Series IV, The Bantha, which is actually printed on the box as "The Banta"!
Series III, "Luke Skywalker Meets R2-D2!" Unfortunately, this puzzle was missing ONE PIECE.
 Here are a couple of 500-piece puzzles that we haven't braved yet:
Series III, "Victory Celebration!"
Series I, "Space Battle"


Jeff M said...

I have a series IV puzzle titled "The Selling of the Droids." I haven't found it anywhere else online. Are you familiar with it?


Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Oh yes--see this article here, which shows that there were TWENTY different Kenner SW puzzles in all!


Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yesterday I picked up "Space Battle" at an antiques show for 3 bucks. I didn't expect it to be complete, I mostly got it because it was the purple box and because it is kind of infamous for being nearly impossible due to the large amounts of pitch black space and tiny tiny stars.

Well when I got home and opened the box I found a couple dozen pieces of the puzzle still assembled. And when I looked closer I found whoever put it together wrote numbers on the back of each piece identifying what column they belonged to and what orientation they needed to be. So I was able to put together one of the toughest puzzles of my childhood in under an hour!

I was happy to find your post about them. I feel like you are the only other person in the universe who understands what I am talking about.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Thanks for you kind comment! I don't know why there isn't more love out there for these puzzles. To me they represent the very beginning of SW merchandise, and a beloved time from my childhood! Someday I am going to have to track down all 20!