Kenner's 100 Vintage Star Wars Figures

Last weekend, I was re-organizing the top shelf of a display case I have, which contains a full set of vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures.  I was putting them on risers made of clear acrylic (which are actually spice racks/cabinet organizers, and are sold at Container Stores and other such places), and I was amazed how dust can get around the tiny crevices at the doors on both sides of the case. I stopped to take this picture before replacing them, and it got me thinking--I think there should be a list somewhere for folks who own complete sets.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are thousands of folks who do, all over the world.  After all, they made zillions of Star Wars figures, but how many ended up lost, stolen, or sold? I'm proud of my set, and very blessed to say I haven't ever had to sell them, although I had a couple of near-disasters where I thought I'd have to! Anyway, if you are with me, and want to join the "Kenner 100 Club*," drop me a line.  I would think some photographic proof would be appropriate, so don't forget to send a picture.
*There's a bit of argument sometimes as to exactly how many there were, because of some variables, but I always get exactly 100 every time I've counted (and I'm not counting paint variations here). Some people don't count Blue Snaggletooth, some don't count Yak Face (because he wasn't technically sold in the USA), and I've even seen some disregard the Max Rebo Band 3-pack, but good grief, they are all Kenner Star Wars Action Figures.

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