KING KONG vs. GODZILLA (1963) Vintage Poster!

I'm happy to add the eleventh vintage American Godzilla movie poster to my collection--this is a spectacular poster that I recently picked up (it was a Christmas present, in a roundabout way), and it's in excellent condition.  Not only was this iconic film the first Godzilla film in color, and the most successful of the series in the United States, but it, more than any other, cemented Godzilla into American culture permanently. 


Veronica Taber said...

I recently picked up an original playbill poster of this King Kong vs Godzilla Movie from 1962. It looks quite similar to yours except black and white, with pink writing. I was wondering how much your poster cost to help me value mine :-) Thank You.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Veronica--drop me an email at samtheq@juno.com. I want to send you a photo of the "daybill"-style poster that I think you are talking about, and see if it's the one. What I have in mind is from Australia. Thanks!