Yutaka Godzilla Set (1992) and Quarter-Machine Kaiju

We have a lot of new audio coming up in the near future, so before all that begins, I wanted to finish this round of The Sphinx Collection Tour (in other words, I took several photos last time, and I wanted to use them all). Continuing the theme of "small rubber kaiju representations"...
This set was made by Yutaka in 1992, and was so worth it.  They are closer to 2" in height, and have lots of detail, both in the paint and the sculpts.  Also, they give the buyer a little variety in some of their choices.  I always like to get another Angilas, but I can't say no to Baragon!
Back view of the package--there's also a cardboard diorama of the cityscape shown on the back.
Now these guys are a different story.  In the mid-1990's, I put a quarter in a machine at my local TRU, and out came a tiny Godzilla...many quarters followed! These are really just bootlegs, but they may be copied from an actual product.  I had to finish the set by buying a group online.  Here we see King Ghidorah, a red Godzilla, and a lumpy Megalon.
Followed by Titanosaurus, Hedorah, Varan, and King Caesar, whose eyes are so sloppily painted (raccoon), it's ridiculous.

Yellow Godzilla (no different than the red one), Angilas rearing up on two legs and ALMOST looking like Gamera without tusks, Baragon, and Mechagodzilla.
Gabara (odd choice there), deformed and messed-up Godzilla (come on bootleggers, where's the quality control?), and a Kong that I added from a different quarter machine (he just goes well with these others).
And speaking of bootlegs, here are some small Ultras I found at a Science Museum Gift Shop years ago, in a bin of "Spaceman Toys." Overall they are good, but the King has a crappy paint job. They are about an inch or so high.
These are they kind you usually see; they are bigger (around 2") and better-detailed and painted.  If they are official, they have no markings to identify them as such. I've always assumed they were Southeast-Asian bootlegs. (Why can't I walk outside and find street vendors selling me such things here??? Oh Fate, you are so cruel!)

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