Classic Beany & Cecil Children's Books (1953-63)

Not too long ago, in a post about classic Children's books, I skipped over my Beany & Cecil titles, because I was waiting to track the last one down...well, I did, and the first copy got lost in the mail...sigh.  Now that I've found a replacement, here they are.  There are only three storybooks that I know of:
Beany and His Magic Set (Whitman, 1953)
Cecil Captured For the Zoo (Whitman, 1954)
Beany Goes To Sea (Golden Books, 1963)
Beany Goes To Sea (back)
I should point out that the first two books were printed at the time of the puppet show, and only the third and final book came out during the famous TV cartoon series.  All are charming and the illustrations are both lovely and excellent.

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