Engrish Bootleg DVD's Strike Again!

Wow.  I don't mean to live for moments like this, but I absolutely do. There I was, wandering through my lesser-favorite thrift store, when I spotted this jewel.  Of course, when I opened the DVD case, it was empty, or else I might have even bought it, in the hopes that there were awesome Engrish subtitles to enjoy.
(By the way, apparently the $17 price tag is pre-Goodwill.)
The write-ups on the back are actually accurate, and, just like other discs I have seen, an attempt is made to try to look legitimate in the larger print...HOWEVER, once you get to the cast information and the fine print, hilarity ensues!
Do the Clicky to make it larger!
It's like whoever's doing the typing can only hold it in for so long, and then just starts pounding keys with their elbows.  Like I've said before, who in the world do they expect to read the fine print, anyway??
If your TV is in the proper shope, just lag on!
And it keeps getting better as you go...I tend to expect some level of quality in the modern era of bootlegs, but apparently that is just IMPOSIBEE!

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