Godzilla Origins Valentines (2004)

Is there a stupider, more contrived "holiday" than Valentine's Day? If there was a "Everyone Buy Nicholas Cage DVD's Day" it wouldn't be more of a scam.  That said, ten years ago, there was a bright spot in the shelf-load of classroom Valentines, if you could find it!
At the time, I had to go to a K-Mart to actually buy these, and I never saw them anywhere else.  Ten years later, K-Mart still hangs on like a tiny catfish at the bottom of your aquarium, yet Godzilla Valentines are a distant memory. Let's take a look at the eight that were included in the set!
Get used to the "screaming woman" from Japanese poster art.  You will be seeing a lot of her.  I do like the flying saucer from MONSTER ZERO on the tab of every Valentine.  Hey, it's Godzilla 1985!
In a brave move, Godzilla isn't even on this Valentine! Does that make the woman happy? Nope. "EAAYYAAAHHH!!"
And, there is always a "double-sized" Valentine, and they don't waste it here, giving us another monster battle--Ghidorah's wing is a little weird on the left side, but who cares! Here is the back of the seven small Valentines:
And here's the back of the jumbo one:
Also, a cool sticker sheet was included, so you could further decorate your Valentines:
Oh, hi Mothra! We haven't seen you yet! Also notice two things snipped out of the Japanese poster for the 1993 GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA (Mechagodzilla's head, and Fire Rodan...I always thought he looked like he was holding a basketball.)
All in all, they did a great job giving us an assortment of vintage characters, and I wish we would get another set like this...I always make the same mistake when a Hollywood movie comes out.  I always get hopeful for more classic product for whatever the theme is, and it doesn't happen.
Oh, and they give you not one, but TWO more Screaming Woman stickers, so you can add them to your Valentines....even though she is already on BOTH SIDES OF EVERY ONE.  Huh.

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