GODZILLA 2000 Press Kit Slides & Captions (Columbia Pictures, 2000)

Last year, when we looked at the Godzilla 2000 Press Kit (links below), mine wasn't quite complete, but that problem has been rectified.  Beginning in the late 90's, sometimes color slides were also included with studio press kits, and this film was no exception:
Below are all eight of the slides, plus the page of "Color Captions" that accompany them.  Presumably, the images and captions were for use in local newspapers and that sort of thing.

This was a well-used image in marketing the film.  I want to say it was used as the DVD cover in some countries.

I like how in the Captions provided (see below), they have to point out for the reader which monster is Godzilla.

This is the second non-kaiju slide of the main characters.  One is understandable, but two is reaching the level of COME ON, NOW!

I can't imagine any newspaper or publication choosing this slide to run for any reason.
And finally, here is the sheet of Captions that came with the slides:
Just in case you missed the other parts of the Press Kit, they are here:

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