Baragon's Bumper Car (E-bay Ephemera, part six)

Sometimes you see something, and you just have to save the photo, to prove to yourself that you really saw it.  This above....thing...appears to be made out of a legitimate Baragon figure, but then my brain loses all track of what's going on.  
Note that Baragon's nails are painted, and his lips are...lipsticked...and that the whole thing looks like a prop that would decorate Pee-Wee's Playhouse.  
I would call it "nightmare fuel" if not for the presence of Baragon, but then again...and the punchline is, this thing SOLD.  If I remember correctly, it went for around 40 bucks.
But that doesn't answer the question........WHY?!

This bootleg LP sold last week...and, it's apparently so rare that it doesn't have a discogs listing.  Silly bootleggers, they don't know their Gorgos from their Godzillas.  Make a mental note though, if you see one of these in your local thrift stores, buy it.  It sold for over $150! Like I'd leave THAT on the rack and walk away, anyhow.

Felix the Cat milk cap (remember those?), Wendy's Kid's Meal, 1996.

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