FAIL Friday: The Things That I See (continued)

Okay, so here's a toy "Airbus" from Asia somewhere...take a look at the mascot for this toy line:

"Hey look, boss! I Photoshopped us a brand new mascot!"
"Wait, wait, wait...you think you can just remove his mustache and call him a new character?!...........at least put some white spots on his hat, or something! That's better!"
I don't get the "holding the key aloft" thing, as if he was Mickey from Kingdom Hearts or something.  Oh, and you want to know something even weirder? The "A380" designation on the airplane is upside down beside Not-Mario, and it looks like it has a hidden message:

OBEY! Now that's creepy.

I guess before I go home today, I would be remiss if I didn't design some brand new mascots that I can sell to some fledgling companies! I mean, I could end up rich by noon:

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