Bootleg Gigan Figure (unauthorized, c.1985?)

You have probably seen this at some point in your travels.  It's almost a Gigan figure, but if you look closely, you will see that whoever designed this thing completely  missed the hook hands.  But, hey, good try.
The yellow figure on the right, I have had for some time.  The one on the left is a brand-new acquisition, and somehow it's an inch shorter than the yellow one.  At one time I had operated under some mis-information and thought that Imperial had made this, around the same time as their 1985 Godzilla (they didn't), but nobody knows who did.
I can tell you that both just say that they were made in China (on the feet), and do NOT have any Imperial logos anywhere.  So, it's basically what collectors call a "Chinasaur," and just an interesting collecting oddity.  
The list of Godzilla bootleg items is a pretty interesting one, and could be a whole topic in itself.  It's one of those lists that grows on a daily basis, and will never stop being added to!

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