"Super Deformed Series" Vinyl Figures (West Kenji, Japan, 2003) - PART ONE

Recently, an amazing unprecedented online auction was held, entitled VINYL CONFLICT, where in two days, almost 900 lots of Godzilla collectibles were sold.  They were all from the collection of the late Mark Livolsi, and not only was I fortunate enough to participate in this event, I also was fortunate enough to win four lots of items, many of which I will be sharing here in the coming days.  

Before we continue, if you have the chance, pick up the large, full-color, hardcover book that was published as a catalog for this event.  It serves as an invaluable guide to Godzilla collectibles on its own! You won't regret it.

Part of lot #678 was a series of four boxed vinyl figures from the "Super Deformed Series" made by West Kenji.  I had never heard of these, but I am extremely impressed by them.  They are around 5 inches tall, and come in ridiculously huge boxes.  Today, we will look at the first two:


Baragon is a favorite of my entire family, so I was pretty delighted to add another likeness of him to my collection.  Each box has a character silhouette in front of a fiery background, reminiscent of the opening of a vintage Ultraman series.

As I said, the boxes are enormous, but they do allow for maximum protection for the figure inside.

Figures also include a pedestal for them to stand upon.

They definitely spared no detail! Look at that!
This is easily my favorite of the bunch, but there are more great likenesses coming up!

Godzilla and Minilla 1969

These West Kenji folks did two things very right here.  Firstly, they spared us the hideous 1967 SON OF GODZILLA suit.  Secondly, they made Minya cute.  That's impossible, you say, Minya can't be cute! He will always look like Gary Coleman to us.  Behold:

Oh my! I just met you, West Kenji, and I already love you.

Next time, we will look at my other two figures from this series!

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Hauntedheadful said...

I remember these.A comic store in my area stocked these sometime in the early 00's.The piece I really wanted was the giant GMK Godzilla,but I couldn't afford it.once they sold out,they ere never re stocked and I haven't seen any of them til now.