1978 View-Master Calendar (GAF, 1978)


Some of the most pleasant discoveries are the finds that you never knew existed.  It's like that dream you had as a kid, where you go to a store or sale of some kind, and find a toy or item that was completely unknown to you but is the best thing you've ever seen, and you wake up clutching it.  Well, it's sort of like that, only in this case, I get to keep the goods, Dr. Freud!

This won't be a super photo-heavy post, but here is the 1978 View-Master calendar, which I think we should assume was a promotional item for dealers.  You could easily imagine seeing this hanging on the stockroom door of a mom-and-pop toy store (if you ask what that was, you're in the wrong place, of course).  There are lots of cool characters, who (naturally) appear in View-Master reels.  For our purposes here, though, we are most concerned with the month of April:

Godzilla had his own View-Master reels, which came in several permutations, including but not limited to:

...which were all part of the merchandising campaign that included the Hanna-Barbera animated series (they were able to keep the license a few years)...and also lots of other good stuff

This calendar measures 17 x 23 inches, so it's not too giant, but still big enough to see. What's more, and you couldn't plan this better if you tried: it lines up with 2023.  It's like fate.

These sorts of things are very hard to photograph, so here is a photo that is slightly sharper than the one above, just a bit more skewed.  Just in case anyone wants to actually use one.  Otherwise, you'll have to wait until 2034!

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