This is actually a pretty rare board game from 1985, and one that doesn't appear to have been sold in stores.  The point is to teach children about safety (I think), but we tried to play through it, and it's extremely boring and uninteresting...except for the artwork.

This is another spin-and-move, get-to-the-other-side type of game that has been found everywhere since prehistoric man made them from rocks.  Basically, the game is constantly forcing you to draw cards, because that's the only real feature it has, and the only thing that really affects play at all.  Luckily, these cards have to do with eating glass and picking up live wires (and letting a stranger poke your armpit, apparently), otherwise I would've been sound asleep very quickly.  They are the only thing about this game that are worth taking a look at, and using out of context of course.

Here are all of the cards to "enjoy," and you must not will be in your brain from now on (go ahead and try it today on your wife, boss, warden, or local clergy):

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