The Rockafire Explosion - Happy Birthday Medley/Do You Love Me (1981)

Well, well, well, how do you introduce this?
In the 80's, there were P.J.A.W.A.A.'s (Pizza-Joint-Arcades-With-Animatronic-Animals), namely Showbiz Pizza (which we had), and Chuck E. Cheese's, but alas, Billy Bob fell, hence only one P.J.A.W.A.A. rising above the landscape today. [NOTE: I recently got wind of a new Chuck E. Cheese opening that had NO animatronics at all, but I haven't verified it yet.  It's a sad day!]
But I digress--if you were lucky enough to have a birthday party at Showbiz Pizza (which I was, and oh, the darkened STARCADE tunnel full of space games), the band performed a special birthday song for YOU. Not only that, but they gave you a special commemorative 45 rpm single as a momento. And here is that single, ripping off countless oldies...and let's not get started about the B-side, which sounds to me like a bad Joe Cocker impression, or something.


Brett said...

that is freaking awesome, this song has been stuck in my head for about 20 years. plus, it is nearly my birthday. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a copy of the birthday melody for years.... It's tradition in our family to play this to play that song, so now I can bring it back. Thanks for posting!

evamarie52279 said...

Wow! I still have this 45rpm record and it still plays even though it's cracked all the way through!

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but I have to add one thing. Showbiz pizza didn't fall prey to Chuck E Cheese. They actually bought Chuck E Cheese out of bankruptcy and ran both restaurant chains for several years before deciding to unify them all under one umbrella.

Unfortunately, the expense of running the Rock-afire was one of the reasons the decision was made to switch all restaurants to the CEC brand.

There's a great little documentary about all of this that fans might find interesting:


Chris Sobieniak said...

It's rather a shame I never had a Showbiz where I lived. Best I had to contend with was other such clones with names like "Razz-Ma-Tazz" and "Major Magic's (who held out the longest in my town alone), though I use to see Showbiz ads on Detroit stations all the time back in the 80's.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Thanks for all the kind comments! I gotta track down this documentary on the Rockafire Explosion!

craig said...

thanks so much for putting these up! i have this exact record but have misplaced it and i think we maybe even had another one with more songs.
the documentary is on hulu! {=o)