GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER Pressbook (Continental, 1964)

This wonder just arrived in the mail.  I have a few of these pressbooks, and they are always enjoyable.  If anything, it makes the reader realize how we have lost the sense of wonder and fun that going to the movies used to provide.  Unfortunately, pressbooks are usually too huge to fit on a scanner, which is the case here, but I have taken some partial images that you simply have to see:
First off, WOW, just WOW.  Do any of these masks still exist?? Maybe there is still a warehouse full of them somewhere?? This is one piece of paper (or probably cardstock) that I have to own, and will probably end up paying way too much for...but I have to find one.
And how much did they cost the theater-owner, in 1964, you ask? The answer below:
What? Ten cents apiece??
I like the suggestion of "teaming up" with your local supermarket...talk about random. "Hm, I need some asparagus......say, why don't we go to the movies?"
Finally, the backs of pressbooks often have a display of different-sized posters and lobby cards that the theater-owner could buy.  I found it interesting that a 24 x 82" banner was offered, and I wonder if any exist anywhere.  The 1-sheet for this great film, which is one of my favorites, hangs in my very bedroom.


Sean Linkenback said...

Yes, the Ghidrah mask does indeed exist. There will be a photo of it in the new book.

Anonymous said...

Can you show this photo online at this site?