The Things That I See

As I go around, I see a lot of things that catch my attention (holding it is another matter entirely); by this I mean things that are so out-of-place as to be interesting.  If you ever glance at something, and then feel compelled to take a second look because something's not right, then you know what I mean. 
Luckily, technology allows me to document them, since there is a camera built in to my cellular phone.  Thirty years ago, I would have had to walk around with a big honking 35mm around my neck, like some sort of foreign tourist...not to mention the week-long wait for the film to be developed...all before I would even have known if I had a usable picture or a blurry close-up of my own thumb. Thanks be to technology!
Here is a sampling of oddities I have observed in the last several weeks:
At first glance, this looks like a page from a Children's book...at second glance, it is clear that the title should read "Doug and Jan Take Their French Exchange Student to Buy Her First Lady Schick."  (Just keep looking...thanks to my wonderful, eagle-eyed girlfriend for spotting this!)

Seen in my local Target store...I wish I could shake the hand of whoever did this.  The Dadaists would be proud.  
Mascot in front of local Mom-and-Pop hamburger restaurant...which appears to have a whale-like blow hole?
This one is the oldest...a logo on a Pumpkin Carving Kit that included plastic tools...maybe they were going for an "Ajax: Stronger Than Dirt" sort of thing, but I think they failed. Aren't most things safer than Kitchen Knives? You could change the caption to "No Slasher Movies" and it would make more sense.
Really, Bert and Ernie? After all the years of rumors swirling around you, did you REALLY think this was a good idea?
Finally, you know those wallet-sized photos of their children that people give out? If you were lucky enough to buy some of those Star Wars bust-like magnets a couple of years ago, it turns out they fit perfectly over those photos...which was a happy accident, as most things are.

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