"You'll Die Laughing" Godzilla cards (1973)

Card #109 (front)
Here are a couple of Godzilla-related cards from a Topps trading card series called YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING.  This second series was put out in 1973, and was a throwback to the old "horror cards with jokes" type of thing that was already really old the first time (covered here more than once).  Interestingly, this first card is the only vintage American trading card featuring a photo from GODZILLA vs THE SMOG MONSTER that I know of.
Card #109 (back)
And here's one featuring a much-used photo from KING KONG vs GODZILLA.  There are at least three different series using this exact same picture in the exact same way that I know of, by Donruss, Leaf, and Topps! Yes, jokey horror cards were a thing, once, and everyone was doing it.
Card #87 (front)

Card #87 (back)

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