Some of My Personal FAILs... (part eight)

Continuing an ongoing series of occasional bizarre lameness that I personally encounter:

It's Halloween Costume Time again, and if you go as "Video Game Guy," then you deserve the pantsing, egging, and throwing-off-a-bridge that you will surely get.
Now I see why SENTAI was such a short-lived publication.  They sure didn't believe in proofreading.
All I can think of reading "Ultra Mam" is this:
Those of you with children will understand (I think that's the title of a Bill Cosby album, if memory serves.)
Finally, this isn't so much of a FAIL as one of these--
--but the other day, I was looking over the statistics for this blog...you know, the usual stuff, how many visitors per day, et cetera...when I happened to glance at the "Search Keywords":
I mean...really? Of course, the real question to me is, what post do I have that matches this criteria?!?


Chris Sobieniak said...

Whatever you got, that's your audience!

One more thing... Super Bario Mothers!

Id0 said...

Hey mayne, I'm really sphinxin' for some Godzilla bathtub crank. You know how I can blog me some?
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