THE TRANSFORMERS Original Production Pencil Artwork (Sunbow Productions, 1983-4)

I just bought a batch of animation artwork from a handful of shows that were dear to me as a child; shows that were crucial in my creative development.  First up, a piece of the original Transformers animated series.  All of the artwork that the dealers had seemed to be from the "More Than Meets the Eye" mini-series that launched the show, so this piece could easily be as well.  These are the pencil layouts (with corrections) that were used to aid the production of the finished cels.  In the case of THE TRANSFORMERS, artwork like the Wheeljack close-up above was done in the USA, and then sent to South Korea, where studios like Toei (and later AKOM) would produce the finished work.  To top this treasure off, it is signed by the layout artist, Darrel McNeil.  Completely awesome, and more to come!

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