Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast (NECA, 2017)

Welcome NECA Godzilla figure #10 to the world...was anybody reporting on this? I apologize if I missed it, but, I don't think anybody was reporting on this....but, there I was in Toys [backwards "R"] Us the other day, and this exists.

Is this a TRU exclusive? Who knows. All you need to know is, it's a repaint.  To be precise, it's a repaint of NECA's excellent Godzilla 2001 figure, but more importantly, it is the polar opposite of their last repaint (NECA figure #8), the abomination known as "Reactor Glow Godzilla" (which you can see in this article).

How is it the opposite? Well, first of all, this is something that actually happened in a film. Moreover, they included an accessory that we didn't previously have, namely, the beam.  If you are going to do a repaint--if you absolutely have to--then this is the way to do it.  

He may be shipping with Shin Godzilla, because there was one of each figure on the shelf. I say this every time, but I sure hope this line continues.


Id0 said...

Have you heard about the PS4 game in Japan called "Kyoei Toshi" (City Shrouded in Shadow)?

"The objective of the game is to escape a city ravaged by battles between giant monsters, kaiju, robots, and heroes from famous live-action and animated Japanese series such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera, Patlabor, and Neon Genesis Evangelion."

It is ranked #2 on the sales charts in Japan and is getting very positive reception from people in North America that have been able to play it.
No word yet about a North American release but speculation is because of character licensing issues.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I have read a LITTLE about this game, and seen some screen shots of a brochure on Tumblr..! It looks very interesting!