The Justice League in "Cleaning Up Pollution" (Show 'N Tell, CBS, 1983)

Never thought I'd run into another of these, but since I did, then you get to "enjoy" it, too! 

Our short and insipid adventure finds a self-declared arch villain called "The Polluter" (Pollutor?) crashing a news broadcast to say that he has placed "muck bombs" in National parks...really, it's not as interesting as it sounds.  The Justice League shows up and dispatches all three bombs (two actually detonate, but never fear), and the news broadcaster continues to narrate the proceedings as they do so.  We only hear one spoken line from one hero, and he sounds very wrong...and, who's actually speaking is a mystery to the listener (but perhaps revealed on the accompanying filmstrip).

The flip side of these records was always some sort of "activity" (disguised as a "Special Mission"), the type of thing that gradeschool teachers used to play for kids in the 1970's...you may remember stomping around and causing the phonograph to skip! 

This one is called "The Jungle," and it has nothing to do with the Upton Sinclair novel.  I can't imagine that it inspired any children to do much; the narrator goes too fast and crams in too many animals (including that common, everyday jungle creature, "the owl"). The crappy way that many of these records was recorded continues to amaze me...granted, they were meant to be played on a "Show 'N Tell" machine with one small speaker!

Both sides clock in at just less than 8.5 minutes of "content."

LINK:  Probably still better than the Justice League movie

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

I still have one of these in the basement!