Here are some amazing GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS items I've acquired lately! The artwork for this movie is beyond stellar! First up is the US Advance 27x40" double-sided poster!
...which of course led to the final US 1-sheet (also double-sided and 27x40").  You will note that I borrowed the image from Ebay--take that as an endorsement and buy from this seller, for great service and excellent packing!
Some IMAX theaters offered collectible tickets, numbered and limited to 1000.  On the back was an offer for a free IMAX poster.  It's unclear if it's exactly the same poster as this next item, but we shall see when it arrives in the mail in 10-12 business days. [EDIT: The mail-away is indeed a unique poster, which will be seen next post!]
This stunning IMAX poster measures 13 x 19". I bought it from an Ebay seller, and it came rolled in a plastic sleeve.  
I always enjoy finding some of the most unusual Godzilla promotional items, and this is no exception! This is a key-card from Caesar's Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas!
And finally, the stunning artwork of all four monsters.  Even though there are tons of reproductions (or "prints") on Ebay, it's very difficult to find genuine versions of the artwork, especially with minimal text.  I went with a Japanese flyer that is B4 sized (folded in half; approximately 7 x 10") and 4 pages.  In fact, the seller was selling two copies together in sets, which would be TRULY incredible to frame together, as seen above.  I would recommend these; they are inexpensive and very high quality.  

Speaking of, I'm also waiting on a Japanese program book and a couple more things that I will have to scan when they arrive. Stay tuned!

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