UPDATED: Do You Have Any of These Godzilla VHS Tapes?

This is an update from a previous post!
If you have any of these American Godzilla videos, I want to buy them!!!

TOP (left to right) These are most important:
1) Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (clamshell, Hollywood Home Theater, unknown)
2) Godzilla On Monster Island (Family Tyme) actually Canadian tape!

BOTTOM (left to right) Less important, probably bootlegs:
3) Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (Hollywood Home Theater, unknown)
4) Son of Godzilla (Hollywood Home Theater, unknown)

From my own research, these are the last Godzilla VHS that I need to complete my collection of Godzilla films on VHS from the USA! If you are interested in seeing the over 160 Godzilla & Toho kaiju VHS releases, you can view my separate page called GODZILLA: American VHS 1983-2002.

If you own any of these tapes, please contact me at samtheq@juno.com.  Even if you aren't interested in selling them, and can provide some of the unknown details, or decent scans for the page linked above, it would be hugely helpful!

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