Photo Miscellany

If you want to see more random (and sometimes interesting) photos, follow The Sphinx Pinterest Page, where there is lots of stuff I will never have room for here...

Got the new Lego Daily Bugle set yet? Did you notice something missing from ol' JJJ? Well, I'm sure we can't EXPECT Lego to include a cigar, after all, but here's a simple fix. This is one of those brown (lightsaber blade/cane) rods, cut down, taped off, and painted. Viola! (Yes, I know I said "viola" there.) Cello!
I was looking at my framed 1956 KOTM handbill thingy, which hangs in my main bathroom, and the hype was really cracking me up. I suppose in 1956 it made perfect sense to refer to Godzilla as "IT"...the "death-defying underwater photography" was also very amusing.
The robot family that lives on my fireplace mantel...I swear I can't get my brain around the spelling of "mantel." It just doesn't LOOK right. But of course "mantle" is something else entirely. You wouldn't have a robot family living on your MANTLE.
I had some Apple store credit, and I used it toward a set of lenses that fit the Iphone.  One of them is a "macro" lens that's 10x, and you can take some fun photos with it. They are like these (but not red) and work very well.  I have noticed some reviewers on Amazon who received the wrong product when they ordered these, but I can vouch that the real Olloclip ones work very well.
I liked these so much, I recently ordered a 60x MICROSCOPE attachment for the IPhone, which is currently on the way. Expect photos of dust mites and pictures of the micro-dimension where the Fantastic Four first finds Psycho Man to be posted soon...

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