FAIL Friday: Hilarious Bootleg Action Figures

Here are two amusing bootleg action figures that I have recently encountered.  This one got away:

Remember that time when Spider-Man, Batman, and Zorro fought a dinosaur in the desert that is in front of the Capitol Building?
This one, however, did not:

It's called BATMAN & SUPER HERO, but it's just Batman. Having a fashion crisis.  What's unfortunate is that we can't read the complete text behind him:

We can see THE STORY OF BANMAN BEYOND, and a paragraph that ends with something about "the Neural..." but we can't be completely sure of the Engrish content behind the sword-thing.

There is also an axe-thing:

Is that a giant fist that holds the axe-thing? What in the world are you supposed to do with it?

1 comment:

Id0 said...

I hated it whenever Banman teamed up with the Regalia League.
He is more bad-ass working alone and fighting crime in a Sinbad costume.