FAIL Friday: The Things That I See (continued)

It's that time again! Time to look at some of the baffling things I have run across.  Here we go:

Here is a CD-single of some sort of dance song from 1998 (attempting to cash in on the American Godzilla "film")...but NOPE, it's not even Godzilla at all, on the cover.  It's Yongary, a Korean co-production (attempting to cash in on the Japanese Godzilla films).

NOT quite Oscar the Grouch.
Quarter machines are, to this day, the protected (well, let's say ignored) bastions of bootleggers, but you can't just add a letter...and change the color...and expect us to...oh well, here's another one:

NOT quite Ultraman and his brethren.
This one is especially infuriating to the type of people that read this blog.  In a way, it sort of looks like what an American 1970's ULTRA BROTHERS comic book would have looked like, with everyone different colors...but, what do you expect from bootleggers, anyway? They think a quarter is worth 10 cents!

Okay, I had to see what this would look like:

I do too, Chinese backpack.  I do too.
This is from an, apparently, Chinese-made backpack ordered from Amazon.  I can only assume that the word at the top is, perhaps, supposed to be "CHANGE," but then again, who knows.  And the drawing on the left...is maybe, a cap of some sort? It's open to interpretation.

Not Bronze Age, or Golden Age...."Renaissance Age".

I love old comics...heck, I prefer old comics. But this is absurd, Amazon.  Do these include hand-drawn illuminations by monks?

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