In the early years of this blog, we attempted to publish a compilation of songs that came out around the time of the original STAR WARS, which were trying very hard to capitalize on its success...you know, jump on the bandwagon...pick up some of the pennies that fell on the floor as Lucas walked by...that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough material, and in the end the collection couldn't decide what to be.  So it disappeared.

This problem has been corrected!  A hard-core dive into the time period--and lots of research--has resulted in two solid discs presenting over two hours of rip-offs, clever allusions, and general spaciness, all from a time when every form of media imaginable assumed a veneer of science fiction. It's hard to imagine, but if you were there, it was pretty much everywhere.  (I mean, you couldn't even buy a cassette recorder...see the second disc's artwork and it will become clear.)   

We adhered very hard to the time period of the original film, and before the sequel; in fact, there's nothing from 1980 at all.  Also, being the late 70's, there is lots of funk, proto-new-wave, disco, and synth goodness that you may actually enjoy.  (Personally, a couple of unknown tracks ended up being quite rewarding. Many remain unavailable on disc and come from vinyl sources.)

Not to say that you will leave your Cringe Factor at the door.  Oh no, good listeners, there are some moments, because once again...it was the 70's. In fact, you will hear one of the dumbest country songs ever, and that's saying something.  (TWO, come to think of it.  The second is so weak, I keep forgetting it even exists.)

So get ready, because this is a good one.  The next time we visit Star Wars for another volume in this series, we are going to be biting off more than can be chewed.  But more on that later, since at the moment, we are waiting for a few items to show up courtesy of the pathetically slow U.S. Postal Service...


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