Countdown To Halloween - Week One!


It's that time of year again.  Finally! It seems like it took forever.  You know, you can't legally start celebrating Halloween in September.  You just gotta get to October 1, but from then on, it's fair game.  All throughout Spooky Month 2022, we will count down with a weekly post of treats and rarities! 

First up is a pair of winners that I've held all year for this moment! Starting this post is Frankie Stein & His Ghouls - MONSTER MELODIES, which was part of a series of mid-60's monster-themed dance party records, back when the kids did that sort of thing.  I should point out that these records are insanely expensive and nearly impossible to find now.  In fact, I got a mind-melting deal on this album (like ten bucks or less), and went back to the same store recently, only to find they had another LP from this series...but alas, they'd figured it out, and it was like a hundred bucks.

Next we have HALLOWEEN HORRORS from 1977.  This is one of those hybrid Halloween LP's that's half soundscape/adventure, and half individual sound effects.  It features two luminaries of voice-work, Peter Cullen and Michael Bell, and I wasn't sure how I'd never run into it until now.  The B-side gives you yet another great library of sound effects for your arsenal, and even ends with flying saucers and space sounds, because why not!

This should begin to get you in the mood!

And don't forget last year's Spooky Month items, still undead:

Vintage Halloween Sound Effects LP Mega-Pack!

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Anonymous said...

I love Frankie Stein! I got a similar deal on this one, 15$ I think, though it has a few skips. The artwork alone is great though. There is a reissue of the Introducing... album coming due out in a week, hopefully they get to all of them! ... and oh yeah, Thank you!

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

@Anonymous - that's awesome about the reissue; for some reason these have never been treated right for re-release (has anything that originally came out on Power Records?)! I hope they get to all of them too!