Kaijubilee #15, "Do-It-Yourself Baragon"

Short post today, but I have some new audio coming soon that I am converting and equalizing right now.  While we wait on that, here is a Do-It-Yourself Kaiju Portrait Kit, sort of.

I saw a guy on Pinterest who was taking cheap, student-quality paintings he found a thrift stores, and adding monsters to them...turns out, this is not a new thing, and if you search Pinterest for "Thrift Store Monsters" you will find quite a few.  I was determined to try this, and I found the following masterwork at my local shop:
The trick, of course, is getting a decent enough photo of it, if you are too cheap like me to actually buy the painting...anyhow, I put the image in Photoshop and drew on top of it, and got the following result:
If you are interested in trying it, save the above image, and let me know what happens! More kaiju artwork in the not-too-distant future (great; now I will have the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song in my head the rest of the day...!)


Chris Sobieniak said...

I noticed this too. I suppose if I was that desperate to ruin someone else's art I'd be into it entirely. Just not big into the kaiju thing to try it.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

By the way, very impressive KPM collection you posted "at that other site!"
I grabbed your disc of 60's Spider-Man music, and I have two other fan-made discs with different tracks...or at least different titles. I was thinking about posting them here.