Godzilla 2000 Mylar Theater Sign

Here's a cool item that arrived in the mail yesterday...has it really been 13 years since a REAL, as in genuine, Godzilla movie has been released to American theaters? This is also a neat item because the technology has changed since those days.  If you remember, when you bought tickets, there was a large board behind the cashier that showed movie times, and each one had a small card showing the movie logo and title...unfortunately, theaters today have big "digital" scoreboards.  I understand why this has happened, but isn't it better to have some color to catch your eye? I mean, look at this simple little sign.  It's slightly smaller than a bumper sticker, but it has the artwork, the title logo, and everything you need to find the film you are looking for.  It's another case where technology has left artistry behind.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Theaters I went to had the standard removable text boards anyway.