Pacific Rim figures (Series One, NECA)

I'm late to the party on this one, because it took me for-freaking-EVER to find these action figures.  Basically, the only retail store carrying them is TRU, because they have that section of overpriced "fancy" figures geared toward collectors...or whoever it is that needs to get down there and buy all of the PROMETHEUS and WRATH OF THE TITANS crap that is filling up the shelves.
For some reason, even though they kept telling me they were on order, not a one has ever made it onto a peg at my TRU.  I smell scalpers with connections, but we won't dwell on that.  

My advice is, if you are still searching for these, and have given up (as I had), just avoid Ebay and Amazon, at least this time.  It will just bring you down even more.  Instead, try to outsmart the scalpers.  Try your local comic shop, or, as I did, find a store like Hastings that carries stuff like this--in other words, find somewhere that is stocked by Diamond (the main supplier for comic shops).  When last I looked on Amazon, Gipsy Danger was $54-and-some-change, instead of the $20 that he cost me at Hastings.  I don't know why they allow people to scalp like that when their normal supply is gone.  It shouldn't be.

But on to the photos.  I intended to scan the artwork, and when that's done I'll edit this post and add it.  Oh, and not to make the situation worse, but Series Two is already announced and will be out shortly!

Gipsy Danger.  This figure is perfection, not so much in paint as in sculpt, but since I have seen ONE in person, I couldn't be choosy!

Just look at all the little details.  My only complaint is that the joints have gotten loose, and sometimes he's a bit hard to stand.  There are peg-holes in the feet, if anybody makes stands on this scale.

Crimson Typhoon.  I would have liked to see much more about this robot and team.  I think it would make a good prequel side-story for some time.

It was hard to tell in the film where the third arm connected, because it was so dark.  I really thought it was in the middle of the back, but not so.

The first kaiju released is Knifehead, and probably the most memorable from the film.  His sculpt actually limits his posability, but it's still an awesome sculpt.

I will say this though, and this is no exaggeration--this figure is dangerous! His claws are sharp, and the point on his head is even more so.  I would hate to think what would happen if he toppled off a shelf, and landed on my foot...or a child!
UPDATE: 9-15-13 - Here are the scans I promised earlier...the Jaeger fronts are identical, by the way.

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