Engrish With Ultraman Jack (part four)

We now conclude this feature, especially since I have completed my journey through this great series.  Here are the last bits of Engrish that stood out to me as I watched:
The members of the team (MAT) go out in disguise...
This was a common occurrence in the translation, where instead of a word like, oh, say, "explode," they would choose "burst," which made for some amusing situations.
This was another thing that happened all the time! When somebody was hurt or down on the ground, they would be yelled at to SCREW UP! I think the intention is as in "Screw up your courage..." which, though rather archaic, is still entertaining.
Not only is this funny, but what in the name of all that is holy is that man-statue doing to that goose???!!!
I know this feeling!
And now, our grand finale.  I started to give you some context, but I think it best just to play the ball where it lies:

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