Popeye - Flea's A Crowd (Peter Pan, 1976)

I picked up this old, scratchy record thinking I would find scans of the book later (I did find photos of the front and back cover, though).  The good news is, there is no book! The bad news is, there is also no Jack Mercer...instead, we get a guy who does his best, but ends up sounding more like Jimmy Durante.  I have only listened to this while transferring and cleaning it, so I haven't given it an "official" listen, but what I've heard is pretty ridiculous.

POSTSCRIPT:  Check out some of the characters on the back cover! Note late Warner Bros. characters like Cool Cat and Merlin the Magic Mouse! Weird!


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I believe I had this stupid record too, though the cover artwork was updated when my mom bought it for me one Christmas in the 80's....

KL from NYC said...

One never expects quality or "real" anything from Synthetic Plastics in Newark, NJ. You'll get a good approximation at best.
Go through the old posts at:
I think some of their Capitol Records Bozo Approved series have the "real" Popeye. Most of the vintage records there have the real cartoon and radio voice actors. The downloads still work.
You might also keep track of what Rockin Jeff posts here:
If you find an old post with a dead link, try leaving a comment for him.

KL from NYC said...

BTW, Christopher's cover is of the 12" LP, and yours is the 7" 33rpm single-story version. That's why the covers differ.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Thanks for the comments and info guys! I do want to point out though that, just one year before, Jack Mercer appeared on a Peter Pan record (see my OYLE ON TROUBLED WATERS post)! Very confusing--of course, who knows when it was actually recorded, or what company originally even made it. I've noticed that, when it comes to kiddie records (especially Power/Peter Pan), there was quite a bit of sleight of hand!

Christopher Sobieniak said...

It is pretty iffy no doubt (recall they did get Mel Blanc to voice a few records of his Looney Tune characters).