SW Trading Cards (series 2, 1977) !

The "Red series" is the first one I remember from childhood, and I think it is because these cards were widespread and plentiful by the time the second series came out.  Also, I think they began to sell the larger multipacks of leftovers during the second and third series, which made them plentiful.  I even could work the Tusken Raider puzzle, which gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment!
This second series covers cards #67 to #132, and does have a few notable moments, which really expanded the film for fans.  Besides a few alternate-looking shots, and reference or publicity photos, fans also got to see these:
People probably wondered where THIS shot was in the movie, but if you read the Marvel comic, etc., you knew that Luke was supposed to be watching a space battle, which he later ran and told his friends about...which was also cut.
Not exactly "behind the scenes," but more like "between the takes," as Vader has no cape at all.

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