Topps SW Trading Cards (series 1, 1977) !

This is just about the most popular trading card series of all time.  Heck, Topps introduced most of us to what trading cards even were through this series.  I had shoeboxes of these as a kid, and finishing the set was one of my first goals when I started to really collect stuff as an adult.  In fact, my very first E-bay purchase in 1996 was a Star Wars card!
But enough reminiscing.  You would think there was an easy way to find a digital set of these cards online, but there isn't.  At least not that I can find.  Therefore, I've assembled my own over time, scouring sites, auctions, and occasionally supplying my own scans.  I've resized and cropped everything as I went along.

Included in these downloads will be wrappers, photos of what the completed puzzles looked like, as well as the full set of each series of cards, including a few card backs where available. 
The set numbers 330 cards, and had five series.  Serieses.  The first series was the "blue" one, and there are 66 cards.  By the fifth series, several behind-the-scenes photos were appearing, and I should mention that you do get the occasional error that creeps in:
Oops! Somebody's lightsabers aren't colored! (And even the comic was using the British spelling of "sabre" at the time.)
And I haven't even shared any of my fond memories of the stick of gum that came in each pack! (It was pretty bad.)

BONUS: An original order form introducing the cards!

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Don't forget the gum, we all loved that!