Here's a nice piece of history--an 11 x 17" ad slick from GODZILLA vs THE COSMIC MONSTER that's in fantastic shape.  This was one of those that had to be scanned and stitched together, so don't inspect my Photoshopping abilities too closely.
I've never seen a pressbook from this film, and I wonder if one was made! Perhaps ad sheets were sent out instead?


Sean Linkenback said...

No Pressbook, just the ad slicks, and there is an identical one for "Bionic" Monster

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Wow! Thanks for all the kind comments! Your book has been invaluable, and it amazes me that it has stood alone in the fandom for so many years--but of course, now we are all eagerly awaiting your new book! Is it going to cover pressbooks too? That's an area I would love to get the last word on. Thanks again! I hope you enjoy the blog. There's no ego here; just an earnest collector trying to share!

Sean Linkenback said...

I will have a couple of photos from the inside of the King of the Monsters Pressbook in the intro section, but other than that it's all posters and lobbies - so you will remain the pressbook man.
If I get good feedback on this I might do an updated toy/merchandise volume by the end of the year.