Fishing With Mothra: E-bay Ephemera (part three)

Let's dig around some more in the dark corners of Ebay! First up, a very recent item, and one that I'm sorry to say I didn't win.  It's a Mothra Fishing Lure, by Takara, from 1998.  It's one of those things you have to stare at a while, until then you conclude, "of COURSE it exists"!  I do hope to own one, one of these days.
Next up, a neat Godzilla mini-pachinko game from 1992:
No doubt, in your Internets travels, you have seen the "Godzilla Toilet Paper Holder."  Well, this is the Godzilla Electric Razor, from 1987:
Can't you just imagine buying one of these, and opening it up, to discover it's full of somebody's powdered beard shavings? Ugh, I just made myself gag a little. We'd better keep moving.
Do you remember when GODZILLA, MONSTER OF MONSTERS came out for the NES? What a great time that was.  (And what a hard game that was!)  Shortly after that, a promo poster could be found in some games that announced a RODAN game!  Sadly, this game never saw the light of day.  
This is supposedly a "Backstage Pass" from a Grateful Dead concert.  Apparently somebody in management is a fan.
And speaking of fans, here is an unassuming book from 1982 called "Build Your Own Japanese Pagoda" (I can't read that title without my brain adding, "And SAAAAAAAAVE!")  It's a punch-out papercraft kit that is apparently pretty detailed:
That's pretty cool....what's even cooler, though, is that the author added a bonus at the end of the book:
 Well done, Alan Rose.  Let's all stand up and give him a hearty Sphinx salute.  "SAAAAAA-LUTE!"

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Interesting Toho dabbled in releasing games in the US at the time. That Circus Caper by the way was a re-modded version of a game based on some anime/manga property back in Japan (though either game is different despite using the same programming).