Godzilla "12-Inch Head to Tail" (NECA, 2014)

A quick look at a new figure that is so amazing, it can't be skipped.  I was pretty surprised to learn that the mighty NECA had taken on Godzilla.  Not only have they produced an amazing figure from the new American film, but they say that they are starting a "series," and a photo of their 1994 Godzilla has already surfaced, due in September.  My hope is, Showa designs aren't far behind.
If you are like me, your Toys [backwards R] Us doesn't seem to carry anything that NECA makes, and comic and specialty stores have let you down.  So, with Amazon, Ebay (heaven forbid), or online sellers your only option, is this figure worth it?
The answer is: Oh, my stars, yes.
I apologize that some of my photos turned out so low-lit, but hopefully you can see the detail that is present here.  They claim 25 points of articulation, and I haven't counted, but I believe it.  At $18 on Amazon, this is a complete steal.  I mean, we are getting so close to SH Monsterarts quality, it's unbelievable.  And really, the biggest difference is that Bandai's high-dollar figures have multiple tail joints, allowing greater tail articulation.  (If you like, hold out for the Monsterarts Legendary Godzilla, which is on the way soon.)
He's just barely over 6" tall, which makes him a little short to tangle with your Pacific Rim figures, but, again, comparable to Bandai:
In summary, I can't stress enough that this figure is incredibly worth it.  Think about what a great time we live in.  There are Godzilla toys on the shelves, and there haven't been since Trendmasters in the mid-90's....and if you somehow weren't pleased with the Legendary film, there are some new classic-Godzilla items coming out too.  I mean, Godzilla Mini-Mates??! Am I dreaming?
As I do with the Pacific Rim figures (and this figure is packaged similarly--you have to snap the tail onto its ball joint, even), here are scans of the inserts!

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