Thrift Store Ultraman!

You know, I live for moments like this.  I really do.  I'm at my favorite store, flipping through hanging plastic bags of random Happy Meal crap, Beanie Babies, miscellaneous board game pieces, and even more Happy Meal crap...when suddenly I see a familiar face!
Albeit, a well-loved familiar face.  This chunky little guy is probably supposed to be Ultraman Tiga, and he is so well-loved, it's hard to believe somebody gave him away.  He's about 5 inches tall, and articulated at the arms and legs.
He's hollow, making him more lightweight than you'd expect, and there is nary a mark on him.  No date, words, or characters anywhere.  All of these factors add up to the word "bootleg" in my own mind, but it doesn't excite me any less.
How he got to the Southern part of the United States--just about as far from any Ultraman merchandise as one can possibly get--is probably an amazing story in its own, and one I'd love to hear.  Original owner: whoever you are, and whyever (like that's a word) you had to part with him, just know that I will treasure him.  He is currently standing guard on a shelf, protecting my DVD's from galactic invaders and standing up for peace and justice.