Godzilla's Hawaiian Attire: E-bay Ephemera (part four)

More spelunking into interesting crevices of Ebay.  First up, I discovered only this week that there is a companion piece to the Mothra Fishing Lure we talked about earlier, and it's none other than Godzilla himself:
You can run into lots of great fan-made T-shirts, but this one was so good, I bought several...one for myself, and several to give away.  Unfortunately, the seller told me they were going to stop producing them, so I don't think they are made any more:
 The Japanese have not lost the important, child-like ability to see things in bizarre and different ways.  For instance, put Godzilla on the end of a stick, and what does it look like? Why, a hammer, of course.
This toy noise-making hammer was made by Takara in 1991:
Here's a neat, stylish, and very clever poster that was included with a version of the Japanese "Mothra vs. Godzilla" soundtrack LP:
Isn't that wonderful? I'd love to find a better scan or photo of the artwork.  It gets better every time I stare at it.
And finally, this summer wasn't the FIRST time that Godzilla went to Hawaii.  A company called Bou-Ken-Oh produced a line of amazing shirts several years ago, and they are mind-altering.  I'd not be caught dead in a Hawaiian shirt, but I would wear these everywhere, they are that amazing.  This first one is called "Godzilla Movie Monsters:"
 Let's look at some close-ups while we all recover from the awesomeness:

Oh, my stars.  Words just fail me.  Ebirah? Gorosaurus? Are you kidding me?! That's truly something.  And I have a good look at one more, called "Godzilla's Revenge:"

Even the box is stylish!

I'd love to print this hugely, for wrapping paper!

Look closely at the paperwork, and you can see that they made several other movie-themed shirts, such as GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER (hey, another American title, that's weird), GODZILLA AGAINST MOTHRA, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (awwwww MAN I want to see that one!), and many more!

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