Godzilla Key Chains and Store Display (Benedict Pictures, 1979)

I am really fortunate to add this unused and super-clean store display to my collection.  These "Godzilla Key Chains" are made by the same company that gave us Godzilla Puffy Stickers, and that's basically what they feel like.  The images are two-sided, and have a tiny flat magnet embedded inside of them.  Looking at the way they were designed, they would make terrible key chains.  There is a preciously-thin edge where the chain is placed, meaning that they weight of a few keys would tear the chain off quickly.  (Not that it would fit in your pocket very easily, anyhow.) Also, the "magnet" inside of each one won't hold up the weight of the key chain when empty, much less with keys on it.
But, that isn't important for our purposes here.  There are 24 on the display card (I count seven different designs), and all are Godzilla or Godzooky in various poses.
I imagine that many displays were left with quite a few Godzookys, but then again, when you were a kid in the 1970's, you didn't question the Hanna-Barbera "sidekick character."  It was just always there, annoying or not.  It was part of the deal; there was no escape.
The coolest part of this item is the display artwork.  Not only are Godzilla Key Chains defined as "A Chain For Your Keys" (thanks!), but the picture shows Godzilla, wading in the ocean along the coastline...with a giant keyring embedded in his neck! Handy!

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