Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs (1964)

This is surely on of the very definitions of random.  The purpose of this 7" record is to sell you, the Wurlitzer Organ Purchaser, on the idea that you need to buy the HOBBY-LESSON COURSE in order to be able to successfully play the instrument that you have purchased.  I have no idea why there is a need for a hyphen in HOBBY-LESSON.  It makes no grammatical sense whatsoever.

Perhaps this record came with the organ, or perhaps they were distributed through stores; who knows.  It begins with some humorous man-on-the-street (see, that needed hyphens) quotes about purchasing Wurlitzers, (the best one being "that's like my wife buying a sewing machine, and she can't even sew!") and then jumps right into the sales pitch.  What is extremely confusing, and absurd,  is that the "Lessons" excerpted on the record expect you to play along on a PAPER KEYBOARD...because of course, they don't want you to hurt yourself.  After all, touching the actual instrument should be left to the professionals. Sort of like how medical students start out out doing surgery on paper cutouts of people, and remove paper cutouts of organs before they are turned loose, and graduate to an OPERATION game.........not.


KL from NYC said...

7" promos were usually used for mail inquiries (not always, but often).
Wurlitzer organ purchasers often got a 12" LP by one or two of their professional demonstrators. Quite a few long-gone bloggers had posted LPs of this type (kind of a cross between Lounge and the organ music that used to be played in pre-1970 roller rinks -- if you can remember back that far).

I haven't visited for a while, but I'm really glad you switched over to Zippy -- that other service was hell to deal with.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Interesting! And good to hear--so far Zippy is better. The files don't seem to stay as long, but it's nicer to deal with, and I don't mind reposting!